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Royalty Free Music for Children's Hospitals
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Royalty Free provides Royalty Free Music for use in most children's hospitals. Children's hospitals throughout the world serve millions of children a year, many who have serious, sometimes terminal conditions that make them long-term, even life-long residents. Because of the delicate emotional and physical needs of children, hospitals must be dedicated to making sure their youngest patients are as comfortable as possible and still allowed to be children even while they are confined to the hospital. Activities that involve art and music are critical tools to foster children's emotional well-being while they are in the hospital; but because of limited hospital budgets, and the medical expenses associated with taking care of an ill child, many children's hospitals cannot always afford art and music resources for their patients. Award Winning Music presents a wide variety of downloadable royalty free music for children's hospitals that can help entertain and lift the spirits of children and hospital staff. Children's Music Volume I provides eleven tracks of delightful instrumental royalty free music, including familiar melodies such as "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "Have you Seen the Muffin Man?" Each melodic children's song on this volume of royalty free music for children's hospitals is performed by a beautiful blend of soft instruments, including flute and piano, and can also be used as whimsical background music or music on hold for parents, doctors and family members that call the hospital for information on their children, patients or relatives.

Featured Music for Children's Hospitals

  Children's Music Classics 1 - All the classic favorites of childhood are presented on this album of downloadable children's music . From "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to "Have You Seen the Muffin Man", all of these stock music instrumental tracks are broadcast quality and ideal for a variety of production music uses.

  Royalty Free Christmas Music - Volume 1 - These richly orchestrated pieces of royalty free Christmas music will set the perfect yuletide mood for retail, multimedia, websites, music on hold or film/video projects. Classics such as "Away in a Manager" and "Oh Holy Night" will put anyone in the holiday state of mind.

Because many very ill children must spend holidays in the hospital, Christmas Music Volume I is ideal for bringing the joy of the season into their rooms, even when they have to be away from home. This volume of royalty free music is comprised of beautifully orchestrated tracks of traditional holiday songs that can invoke the excitement and anticipation of Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, and works perfectly as background music for group activities or sing-alongs, or as music on hold. Doctors, nurses and staff will find the royalty free music for children's hospitals calming and charming, and children will feel more at ease about the experience of being away from home in the hospital.

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