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Royalty Free Music for Chain Stores
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Award Winning Music offers a comprehensive library of affordable royalty free music for use in chain stores. There are many chain stores throughout the world that provide a variety of goods and services -- fast food, beauty products and treatments, clothing, pet supplies, produce and fresh foods and millions of customers depend on them every day to fulfill a variety of needs. The shopping environment of these stores, and, particularly the background music played in the stores, and the music on-hold for phone systems is important for creating a pleasant shopping atmosphere, and, reducing the stress for employees that must deal on a daily basis with a high volume of customers. Many commercial chain stores and restaurants that buy and use popular songs offered by large organizations such as Broadcast Music, Inc. and the American Society of Composers find themselves paying exorbitant costs each month to cover licensing fees and royalties, and, using this popular and mainstream music, while, recognizable to clients, is not always a good budget option. Free royalty free music and royalty free music is an excellent alternative for chain stores to expensive popular music because it allows the individual store, or even the entire company, to pay a one-time low fee, or no fee, and have unlimited use of the music. The eclectic library available at Royalty Free is unrivaled in quality and variety, and, will satisfy the tastes and styles of nearly any type of business.

Featured Music for Chain Stores

  Sports, Action, Corporate and Drama - Volume 2 - Assorted musical styles; hard rock, soft rock, intellectual, high quality smooth jazz, this album will help boost the excitement of television sports segments, film action sequences or a variety of corporate or PowerPoint presentations. Other production music libraries would give their left foot to own this stuff.

  Acoustic Music - Volume 1 - Resonant, expansive and a pure listening pleasure, these tracks of acoustic royalty free guitar music are sure to sooth customers and audiences as on-hold music, production music or background music for retail or professional projects. This downloadable royalty free music is available for immediate use.

Customers will enjoy the unique and original royalty free music and will find that it enhances their shopping experience by helping make it more efficient and entertaining. For stores, such as beauty product chains and hair salons, that want to create a relaxing and calm atmosphere, compilations such as Background Music Volume 1 offers rich tracks of beautiful soft jazz and New Age music that will soothe clients and staff. Cutting edge clothing stores and boutiques that want to energize their customers and create a young, hip atmosphere will enjoy the fresh, complicated rhythms and melodies of the royalty free music in the Euro, Techno, Dance album. Regardless of the needs of a particular chain store, the library of first-rate royalty free music offered will be perfect as background music and music on-hold in a variety of settings.

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