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A soundtrack is defined as the collection of production music and background music woven together to create the musical accompaniment to films, documentaries, videos and television programs. Music for soundtracks can be hard to find for professionals looking to create the perfect compliment to their films and television projects. The process of hunting for the perfect composer to weave together a collection of soundtrack music is typically an arduous process and can also be very costly. Costs of the composer along with time spent discussing the project needs and then recording costs and the hiring of musicians to record the music for soundtracks and soundtrack music can be overwhelming for even the most flexible budgets. Similarly, buying music for soundtracks from major music providers can cost thousands of dollars and not offer the opportunity to build an on-going and versatile library of music that can be used in the future for other projects.

Royalty free music is quickly becoming a standard in the film and television industry as companies like are offering producers, directors and project coordinators the opportunity to buy high quality instrumental royalty free soundtracks music and royalty free music for soundtracks at affordable prices. Because royalty free music from requires just a one-time fee for unlimited use of the music purchased, film and television professionals can easily build their own instrumental royalty free soundtrack music collections at a fraction of the cost of hiring a composer or buying other types of music. With many tracks of music that have similar themes, this royalty free music can create a seamless and relevant soundtrack for any type of film or television production so that the project sounds as if the music was created just for it.

This page lists collections and tracks of royalty free soundtracks music and royalty free music for soundtracks available from for those looking to create a unique and professional soundtrack for any type of film or television program. This page will help producers, directors and project coordinators find the perfect music to complete or create the best soundtracks possible.

Soundtracks Albums

  50's Rock
  Americana Themes and Cues for Film and Television
  Blues 1
  Cinematic Orchestra
  Comedy / Suspense
  Contemporary Themes - Volume 1
  Contemporary Themes - Volume 2
  Contemporary Themes - Volume 3
  Contemporary Themes - Volume 4
  Country Blues and Roots
  Documentary, Film, Television, General Production - Volume 1
  Documentary, Film, Television, General Production - Volume 2
  Dramatic Scores
  Epic And Fanfare
  Essential Agency Collection - 5 CDs
  Essential Post Production Collection - 5 CDs
  Euro / Techno / Dance
  Expressive Scores
  Film Score
  Hip-Hop / Urban
  Hollywood Suspense 2
  Inspirational / Optimistic
  Lively Classics
  Media Essentials Kit - 5 CDs
  Media Producer Kit - 10 CDs
  Mystery & Suspense
  Orchestral Film Themes from the 70's and 80's
  Orchestral Sessions 3
  Orchestral Sessions 9
  Ragtime Music
  Retro Funk 2
  Rhythmic Drama
  Solo Instruments 2
  Ultimate Agency Collection - 10 CDs
  Ultimate Post Production Collection - 10 CDs

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