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Royalty Free Music > Royalty Free Music Listed by Category presents a listing of music categories that present professionals with the many royalty free music in the comprehensive music library so they can choose tracks from the royalty free music category that best suits their specific project needs. This music category list can help individuals efficiently and easily find and add background music, music on hold or production music categories to their own professional collections.

The royalty free music in this music category list is centralized so professionals seeking high quality background music, music on hold and production music for films, television shows, presentations and business offices can locate original pieces within the appropriate royalty free music category with the touch of a button. The experts at have organized the many anthologies of royalty free music making up nearly 1,000 unique pieces into the following music categories: children's music; Christmas/holiday music; classical music; film and television music; news music; motivational music and music on hold along with several other specialized royalty free music categories. Professionals simply need to click on the appropriate royalty free music category to link to an extensive inventory of appropriate background music, production music and music on hold tracks.

Now looking through the available collections of royalty free music is as simple as browsing through an eclectic music category list. This page offering a focused catalogue of royalty free music categories can help anyone searching for tracks of background music and production music with certain qualities or music that is based on very specific themes and moods.

The royalty free music category list is the premier option for busy professionals and can help them efficiently search through the music library to make the process of picking first rate music for their important projects both fast and painless.

Classical: 104 Album(s)
Corporate / Industrial: 161 Album(s)
Documentary: 63 Album(s)
Film and Television: 178 Album(s)
Motivational: 32 Album(s)
Music on Hold: 101 Album(s)
New Age: 107 Album(s)
News: 14 Album(s)
Softer Moods: 71 Album(s)
Soundtracks: 38 Album(s)
Sports and Action: 27 Album(s)
Suspense: 17 Album(s)
Title Themes: 34 Album(s)
Background: 59 Album(s)
Stock Music: 50 Album(s)

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