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Bumpers, Stingers, Intros and Exits

Bells, horns and synth elements combine on this production music collection for use as royalty free bumpers , stingers, intros and exits. Expand the possibilities of your music library with these high-quality recordings, ready for immediate use.

Electric Guitar Elements

Electric guitar elements, transitions, and punctuators in a wide variety of styles.

Hard Rock Bumpers & Transitions

This collection of royalty free bumpers packs a wallop. Get viewers in and out of a scene or punctuate a show with an adrenalin punch of meaty, snarling guitars and full band head-banging. It's production music so heavy, you'll need your lifting belt!

Stingers Assorted Guitars Vol. 1

This excellent series from Royalty Free Music includes stingers, transitions, and bumpers. They are ideal for intros, outros and segues for a variety of projects. This particular collection of buyout music includes an assortment of guitar stingers, from acoustic strumming; wild distorted leads; or laid back 12-string accompaniments.

Stingers Assorted Guitars Vol. 2

Due to customer requests, we have added more guitars to our stingers collection. Showing the flexibility of the guitar, Royalty Free Music has included a hodgepodge of genres into one magnificent album. These pieces of stock music are very diverse, from relaxing "Walk Through The Forest" to danceable and comedic "Banjo Band".

Stingers Choir, Ambient, and Spiritual

This Royalty Free Music album includes 50 pieces of production music that will add a touch of majestic aura to any project. Suspended pads and authentic choir chants make this collection up. Not only are these pieces of buyout music ideal for transitions on film and TV, they can be used as short accents for any kind of format.

Stingers Harp, Percussive, and Misc.

This exclusive album from Royalty Free Music features short accented musical pieces with a huge array of themes. Included are marimba scales that is just perfect for cartoon characters sneaking up. "Synth Horn Band" tracks are ideal for high energy presentations such as sports segments or the annual office budget report.

Stingers Hits, Vocals, and SFX

This astounding collection of royalty free sound intros is the perfect product for video editing, web design, podcasting and other media applications that require music hits or sound logos. These short sounds can be purchased in WAV or MP3 format and downloaded immediately to punctuate the beginning or end of your production.

Stingers Jazz, Groove, and Beats

This unique compilation of stingers from Royalty Free Music combines the complexity of Jazz and the hypnotic attributes of African drums. "Springtime Samba" incorporates these with the inclusion of male vocals and a relaxing rhythm section. World percussions and acoustic instruments make up the backbone of this exciting album.

Stingers Piano and Orchestral

Give your projects a "Tux Only" atmosphere. This Royalty Free Music compilation of stingers, bumpers, and transitions include melodramatic accents that are ideal for a variety of uses. Add it in between soap opera scenes or add some importance to certain occurrences on your independent, self-budgeted, self-produced autobiography.

Stingers Sci-Fi and Modern

Accentuate important scenes with the help of this exclusive Royalty Free Music collection of stingers, bumpers, and transitions. 50 tracks ranging from four to twenty-five seconds, this compilation of stock music are ideal for futuristic movies, suspense / thriller television series, or that minute before the party yells "surprise!"

Stingers Urban and Jazz

Add a short touch of pizzazz to your projects. These short stingers will accentuate certain parts such as intros and outros. This collection even has authentic electric slap bass tracks that will remind you of a particular show about nothing. Royalty Free Music has compiled a huge album with this one with more than 50 tracks of stock music.

Electric Guitar Elements

These powerful, royalty-free mp3s of electric guitar music are perfect for use as bumper music , transition sounds or as background music. Surf, blues and country are just a few of the styles represented on this stock music collection. Download these copyright-cleared tracks now!