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Background music, whether subtle, dramatic, rich, or sparse is commonly used in conjunction with everything from a music or film score, to movie soundtracks, video projects, and in places of business that need to establish a very particular mood or feeling.

Royalty free background music from Award Winning Music has become the standard of quality within the various related industries. The music featured in the comprehensive background music library is a diverse collection of royalty free background, on-hold, restaurant and production music for a range of companies and projects in many types of industries, including some of the world's largest corporations and film and television studios.

Featured Background Music

  New Age Dreams 2 - Soaring strings, piano and synth keyboards create a mood of relaxation and inner expansion on this album of royalty free new age music. This high quality collection is perfect for your production music library and can be used as background music , production music, music on hold, documentary music, yoga music and meditation music.

  Guitar Music Themes - Volume 1 - A diverse cross-section of royalty free music genres; country, rock, and smooth jazz, for use by anyone in search of high quality, royalty free guitar music. Ideal for production music, background music, and music on hold.

Award Winning royalty free background music is available at the online store at the website and is ideal for absolutely any background music need. For many companies, budget constraints frequently necessitate the need to minimize production costs, where possible. This eclectic collection of royalty free background music is affordable and high quality enough to satisfy the most discerning producer, director, or company.

Sometimes it is simply not feasible financially for a film or production company to create an original music score, film score, or to use original music in a video production. Royalty free music purchased from premium music libraries such as Award Winning Music enables film and television professionals and video production companies to cut the high cost typically associated with retaining a composer to create an original score for their films and projects without compromising the quality of the music.

Movie soundtracks frequently incorporate music that has been acquired from royalty free music libraries. Even high-budget feature films, such as the recent "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow," have used royalty free production music to enhance the quality of the production.

The premium royalty free music available at Award Winning Music helps to ensure that any film, television, or video production is of the highest caliber; movie soundtracks that use royalty free background music and production music are ahead of industry standards and enjoyed and admired by professionals and audiences worldwide.

Ambient sound or background music has become part of day to day life in a hectic world. Both large and small companies find background music in their workplace to be a critical tool for decreasing stress and increasing the comfort of clients and employees. The quality of the royalty free background music available through Award Winning Music is at the forefront of the industry, chosen by countless discerning professionals.

Background music packages that utilize low-cost, pre-recorded royalty free music reduce costs and increase profits. Most background music companies have on-going charges billed to their clients. Those that purchase royalty free background music from Award Winning Music pay no there is no on-going fees and enjoy the best and most diverse royalty free music collection available in the industry.

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