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  Background Music for the Digital Age -

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This relaxing yet exciting and modern royalty free background music album, "Background Music for the Digital Age" was carefully crafted by the artists at to be used with projects that would benefit from the addition of ambient background music and production music. Professionals looking to deepen their royalty free music libraries with innovative tracks that present the best elements of great electronic background music will enjoy the 10 themes present in this compilation. Those with cutting-edge restaurants, high-tech airports or simply the need for royalty free music to complete a soundtrack for their films will find everything they need in "Background Music for the Digital Age."

The versatility of the synthesizer is explored in these 40 different pieces of background music. And because each production music theme is available in four different lengths - from full-length to 60, 30 and 15-second versions - those looking to create a unified motif in films and television programs or as part of important presentations will find the process of adding music simple. And because tracks are all royalty free music, buyers will be able to use them in all present and future endeavors for a lifetime, with no additional fees to pay … ever!

The royalty free background music in this compilation is diverse and intricate, tied together by its digital elements and use of innovative melodies and harmonies. With contemporary music aspects such as electro-pop, New Age, electronic and many others, it presents the opportunity for professionals to enliven their royalty free music libraries with tasteful and cutting-edge selections.

"Tantric Trip" opens up the background music selections and presents a light, ambling piano melody that is joined by complex layers of synthesizer harmonies and percussion. This gentle piece of royalty free background music is perfect for use as unobtrusive background music in restaurants and hotels.

"Dewpoint Two Point" presents twinkling synthesizer melodies that intertwine with syncopated sound effects and percussion. This royalty free music piece suggests the sounds of gentle morning raindrops, but is peaceful and slightly urgent, making it ideal for dramatic scenes in film. The "Dewpoint Two Point" theme is available in four different lengths, so professionals in every industry can use it in part and as a whole to create a consistent and memorable motif.

"Marcellos Electro Jello" is a fast-paced production music track that features percussive synthesizer combined with light organ sounds and resonant treble harmonies. With sounds evocative of a tropical escape, this piece can be used as royalty free background music in exciting film sequences or simply as background music in hip restaurants and hotels.

"A Folkie in the Road" adds electric guitar to the digital sound in this unique background music track. Synthesizer accompaniments provide dramatic dynamic swells. This composition combines many different genres; as suggested by its title, it blends some elements of traditional folk music with modern electronic and New Age to create an expressive piece of royalty free music.

"Park in Space" is a royalty free background music theme with high-tech elements and many different layers of melody, harmony and brilliant effects. Perfect for science shows and technology presentations in modern airports, this sleep track of background music conveys a sense of a busy and complicated scene.

Another piece of production music, "Motivated Seller" offers quickly-moving synthesizer melodies and harmonies that combine to create an electro-pop piece perfect when joined with fast-paced film and television scenes or when incorporated as background music in various settings.

"Tingle Berry" presents sparkling blends of keyboard melodies and harmonies that sing alongside light and airy flute-like accompaniments in this special royalty free music track that will accompany a variety of modern projects and productions. As with other background music pieces in this collection, this production music theme is featured in different lengths to make adding it to any type of endeavor simple.

"Digital Don Juan" is a background music creation that combines old-fashioned, romantic sounds with contemporary synthesizer harmonies and percussion. A resonant xylophone line takes the lead and is highlighted by string-like harmonies.

"Algo Rhythm" evokes the spirit of the best New Age and contemporary ambient music. This modern track of royalty free background music provides dramatic synthesizer swells and percussion that can build a beautiful tapestry of sound to stand behind any type of creative project.

Finally, "Computing Pie" features treble synthesizer motifs that sing above sustained bass and shimmering effects. This syncopated, textured piece of production music is ideal for creating a modern sense of complexity and even suspense.

"Background Music for the Digital Age" truly has a diverse selection of modern royalty free background music for anyone looking to add textured, sparkling and dramatic royalty free music to a comprehensive professional library.

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