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Royalty Free Music for Airports
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Royalty Free provides free music and royalty free music for use in most airports. Millions of business and pleasure travelers spend hundreds of hours in airports every year, and, airport staff must find low-cost ways to make these clients as comfortable as possible. The use of high quality, affordable background music and music on-hold is an important way to improve the quality of time busy travelers must spend in airports and on-hold on the telephone obtaining flight information. Award Winning Music offers an eclectic collection of diverse downloadable royalty free music perfect for any airport's musical need. Airports serve a variety of clients with different musical tastes, and the library at Award Winning Music contains hundreds of tracks of royalty free music for airports that will entertain and engage any customer.

Featured Music for Airports

  Royalty Free Classical Music, Symphonic, Orchestral - Volume 1 - This album presents Classical, Symphonic, and Orchestral Music including elegantly and compellingly performed selections from Tchaikovsky, Bach, Vivaldi, Rossini, Grieg, Liszt and others.

  Background Music/Music On Hold Compilation - Volume 1 - Create a comfortable and encouraging atmosphere with this stock music collection, ideal as retail music , hold music or as background music for your film, video or professional presentation. These contemporary and upbeat tracks use a variety of acoustic and synth instruments for a modern and lively feel.

The tracks of royalty free music for airports in "Classical Music Volume 1" delights and soothes discerning customers with traditional classical compositions by distinguished composers such as Lizst and Grieg, and works excellently as background music in the terminals or check-in areas, or as on-hold music for travelers calling airports to get up-to-date flight information. The royalty free music presented by "Background Music Volume 1" is contemporary yet classy, and contains unique tracks of soft rock, light jazz and New Age music. Regardless of an airport's specific musical need, Award Winning Music can help find the perfect sampling of high quality, low cost downloadable royalty free music to complement a busy day.

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