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Royalty Free Music for Airlines
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Royalty Free provides royalty free music for use by most airlines. Each year, millions of individuals choose planes over other forms of transportation to fulfill their business and personal traveling needs. Because of the volume and diversity of clients airlines must serve on a daily basis, they must find ways to make the experience of booking travel, checking in and actually taking flights as pleasant as possible. Award Winning Music provides a wide selection of downloadable royalty free music for airlines that can be used for every possible need including as music on-hold, background music in the gate area or on the plane during boarding.

Featured Music for Airlines

  New Age Moodscapes - A collection of royalty free new age music performed against a textured background of various nature sounds; waves, rain, wind, streams and thunderstorms. Chosen from our royalty free music library, these tracks are ideal for use in projects in need of relaxing and unique background music, production music or music on hold.

  Euro / Techno / Dance - This exclusive collection from Royalty Free Music is ideal for use with projects that require contemporary and youthful background music. It is also perfect for production music, stock music, and music on-hold.

The comprehensive library of royalty free music for airlines contains diverse background music for airlines that will also work as in-flight entertainment for travelers with all types of taste in music. Compilations such as "New Age Moodscapes" will help relax weary business travelers as they enjoy their journey home or to their final destination, while the "Euro/Techno/Dance Volume 1" album will engage younger flyers and energize them in preparation for an exciting vacation to an exotic locale. Airlines such as Continental have already chosen Award Winning Music's diverse library to fulfill their background music, in-flight music and music on-hold needs. Any airline's employees and clients will benefit from the addition of high quality royalty free music available for airlines.

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