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Acoustic Energy

This collection of royalty free music is suitable for hold music, professional projects or film and video. With 31 laid-back tracks of easygoing guitar, your listeners will be transported to sunny days, wide open fields and a taste of rural freedom. Harmonica, clap tracks and accordion round out this rich and expansive collection of acoustic music.

Acoustic Rx

Sick of losing customers waiting on hold? We've got the cure. Acoustic RX is the perfect medicine for healing all of your musiconhold ailments. Packed with appealing acoustic stock music, this album is also ideal for use as background music in film, television, multimedia projects and more, the perfect addition to your production music library.

Folk Frontier

Explore the realm of folk music with this royalty free music collection. Acoustic guitars, dulcimers, and more come together to create an easygoing sound ideal for use as documentary music or background music for a variety of multimedia projects.

Positive Acoustics

Relax and take your shoes off with Positive Acoustics , royalty free acoustic music that soothes the listener and is perfect for hold music or production music. Acoustic guitar in bright, compelling compositions uplifts as background music or for waiting customers.

Wide Awake Acoustic

Catchy, positive and fun, this collection of royalty free acoustic music will give your listeners a new lease on the day, with bright and clean acoustic guitars. This background music album is perfect for hold music, multimedia or film/video productions looking to create an easygoing and optimistic vibe.

Acoustic Reflections

A little light country and a lot of easy, thoughtful tunes make up Acoustic Reflections , a collection of tracks that are perfect for soothing on hold music or as elevator music . This album of royalty free music is about the importance of the journey rather than the destination. No reason to hurry; just enjoy the ride.

Acoustic Guitar On-Hold Vol. 1

10 tracks of royalty free music offer smooth acoustic guitar hold music melodies ranging in style from classical to light pop and soft rock and will make an excellent enhancement to any background music library. This royalty free music specialty collection highlights the wide range of the "unplugged" guitar and its ability to captivate clients with different musical tastes when used as background music and hold music.

Heartland Acoustic

With upbeat acoustic music that feels like home, from middle-American pop-rock, to Bluegrass, to light country-inspired synth and Reggae grooves, this selection of positive-minded tunes is perfect for your production music needs, opening and closing credits, or presentations . Open chords abound in this collection of upbeat acoustic rock music.

Classical Acoustic

These gorgeous, understated tracks of royalty free classical music are ideal as on hold music or as background music for your film, video, multimedia or professional project. Recorded with first-class musicianship, using classical guitar, strings, horns and piano, this is a must-have recording.

Fresh Optimism

Add inspiration and uplift to any project with this royalty free music collection. Use as training video music, presentation music, slideshow music , PowerPoint music or general corporate music and motivate audiences with these positive tunes. Piano, synth percussion and other contemporary effects are sure to lift listeners' moods.

Acoustic Brew

Mellow out with the help of this Royalty Free Music collection of stock music. Perfect for coffee houses or soft sells, these tracks of copyright cleared music impart a classy, down to earth vibe. With a little imagination, these sound clips will also go well with slideshows, wedding videos, or restaurant music. Real instruments by real musicians.

Acoustic Music - Volume 1

Resonant, expansive and a pure listening pleasure, these tracks of acoustic royalty free guitar music are sure to sooth customers and audiences as on-hold music, production music or background music for retail or professional projects. This downloadable royalty free music is available for immediate use.

Acoustic Music - Volume 2

From gentle jazz to easy, rambling guitar, these tracks of royalty free acoustic music are a great addition to your production music library, perfect as musiconhold or as background music for film/video, retail, websites or professional projects. These buyout music tracks are ready for immediate use.

Acoustic Guitar

Sentimental and sincere, these tracks of royalty free acoustic guitar music are ideal as hold music, retail music or background music . Put customers at ease with these gentle recordings of stock music, available for immediate download and use!

All About Bluegrass

Bright and beautifully performed, this compilation of royalty free country music contains top quality bluegrass tracks, perfect as background music or production music . From its Scots-Irish origins to its immigration to Appalachia , this is American roots music, available as royalty free music mp3s.

Acoustic Overtones

Featuring mellow, masterfully played acoustic guitar, these royalty free music mp3s are just what you've been looking for in stock audio. Available as sound wavs, this buyout music is ideal as music on hold or background music for your film/video production, website, professional project or business.


Feel the breeze as you cruise along the shore or walk a lonely road in this collection of royalty-free acoustic music . These 60 tracks evoke a mood of easygoing travel for your business, professional project, music on hold, or production.

Classical Guitar

Solo guitar performs classical music themes in this download royalty-free music album. These gorgeous, premium-quality buyout CDs are ideal as background music for any business or media project and make great music clips for website use.

Acoustic / Guitar Volume I

Rich, soothing acoustic guitar, complemented by gentle synth elements, strings and piano, creates a relaxing vibe, perfect for production music , on-hold music or background music for your website or professional project. This downloadable royalty free music is top-quality and available for immediate use!

A Walk in the Park

Romance and fun are the keywords of this collection of upbeat royalty free acoustic music that creates a positive, yet thoughtful mood of limitless possibilities for your production, hold music , or professional project.


Sincerity is the focus in this acoustic collection of good-feeling tunes, some guitar-dominant, others anchored by piano or violin. All of these 58 selections of royalty free stock music speak to genuine feeling and will set the perfect soothing mood for your workplace, project or film/television production music.

Organic Beds

Organic Beds is a rich collection of royalty free music beds comprised of easy and light acoustic tracks, perfect as music for websites or for your production music library. The album features tracks with piano, acoustic guitar, marimba, accordion and a variety of flutes and pipes.

Acoustic Fix

This exciting alt-rock acoustic music collection is perfect for hold music that will keep your customers interested and for multimedia use. Some tracks are friendly, some dangerous in this eclectic stock music mix. All of them offer potential for your film or video project soundtrack.

Classical Piano 2

Inspiring and soothing, these public domain music tracks of piano are must-haves for your production music library. Ideal as music on hold or background music for film, video, websites or businesses, these recordings are masterfully performed in classical style.

Classical Piano 3

These rich and memorable tracks of classical piano are perfect as hold music or background music for a variety of projects. Ideal as royalty free music for film, this stock music anthology contains masterfully performed recordings of classical favorites, ready for immediate download and use.

Solo Instruments 1

From our award winning online music library, this album of royalty free music features instruments played with so much expression that they sing. A compilation of varied production music, one can choose to be serenaded by a violin or get down on a hoedown with the playfulness of a steel guitar. Solo Instruments Volume 1 is ideal for adding a touch of class to wedding slideshows.

Solo Instruments 2

This Royalty Free Music album encompasses a number of genres and is a great addition to anybody's music library. Included in this collection are cello renditions of Beethoven and Brahms compositions, southern playful banjoes, and smokey upright jazz basses. There are some pieces that are so abstract they're perfect for short films.

Solo Instruments 3

Capture pure emotions with the help of these delicately played solo instruments. Royalty Free Music presents the third installment to the "Solo Instruments" series with 10 more pieces of production music. This collection features a wide range of music; from a whimsical, playful bassoon to a grieving cello.

Award Winning Music offers two royalty free music compilations in the "Acoustic Sounds" series, diverse collections of royalty free guitar music complemented by a variety of background instrumentation. These distinctive albums provide a selection ideal for use as production music, on-hold music and background music for those that need downloadable royalty free music and insist on the finest acoustic guitar sounds with unique and tasteful instrument accompaniment. Any type of business will appreciate the sound of the complexly composed, rich acoustic royalty free guitar music and the harmonies offered by other delicately interwoven instruments. These compilations of reasonably-priced acoustic royalty free guitar music will create a distinguished mood for any musical need.