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50's Rock is a unique compilation of copyright free music especially designed for professionals in the film and television industry looking to complete their eclectic music libraries with original tracks inspired by a very specific decade. This needledrop music album combines many different flavors from the 1950's, including surf music, rhythm and blues and boogie to help producers and directors with discriminating taste create affordable, consistently-themed soundtracks for their most important projects.

Royalty free music pieces composed by award winning artists and performed by outstanding, technically- and creatively-skilled musicians exhibit all the best qualities of the special music from the mid-20th century. The instrumentation of this music speaks of the perceived simplicity of the time when rock music began to come into its own with electric guitar, bass, drums, saxophone, piano and organ playing energetic, youthful melodies and harmonies in varying tempos. For producers and directors that want specialty music that celebrates a particular decade, this music will be perfect.

Several pieces of copyright free music on this album display the many colors of rhythm and blues that were explored during the 1950's. "50's Rockin' 1" presents a fast-paced electric guitar lead riff is complimented by saxophone, drums and rhythm and blues bass in this multi-purpose needledrop music. Professionals can use this to accompany 1950's documentaries or dance scenes in films.

The foundation for rockabilly music was built in the 50's, and there are four different tracks in this collection that illustrate its textures. In the full-length "Rockabilly 1" song, guitar takes the lead and is joined by organ and saxophone to create simple, driving melodies and harmonies underpinned by percussion. This original copyright free music piece combines both modern and classic elements of rock music to create a timeless feel. "Rockabilly 4" has layers of cymbal-infused percussion alongside organ, saxophone and guitar sounds. This four-second piece can be combined with the other rockabilly themes to create a consistent motif in many professional projects. The familiar rockabilly theme is segmented into a 30-second snippet in this "Rockabilly 30" royalty free music track that offers low saxophone bursts, intermittent organ passages and consistent guitar, bass and percussion lines. In "Rockabilly 60," a 60-second snippet taken from the Rockabilly theme provides another easy way to create great transitions in endeavors requiring high-quality needledrop music. Producers and directors creating complex film projects or on-going television series that require regular themes will find this one to be ideal.

Surf music takes charge of this particular album with five different tracks that showcase the distinguishing guitar sounds of this musical style. "Coastal Curves Full is characterized by guitar and saxophone melodies that are combined with drums and carry out a surf and standard rhythm and blues-inspired tune that can be added to a film soundtrack set in a very distinct time period.

Two versions of "Seafoam and Sandals" provide ample opportunity to vary the soundtrack of different projects. An arpeggiated guitar melody is underpinned by rhythm guitar, bass and percussion in the "Seafoam and Sandals alt" surf music classic. Those looking for royalty free music to accompany beach-themed scenes or fun party scenes in film and television will find this to be the best track to suit their particular needs. In the original version of the a href="">royalty free music beach theme "Seafoam and Sandals" guitar takes a more prominent. Steady rhythm guitar backs a strong solo lead and is combined with bass and drums.

The full-length track "Undertow Full" features a bass melody with intermittent guitar riffs bolstered by a driving drumbeat. This needledrop music track is somewhat suspenseful making it an ideal addition to complex sequences in film. To round out the surf music in this album, "Sunset Full" slows it down and serves up a surf-inspired guitar melody joined by bass and rhythm guitar along with percussion. This romantic 1950's track captures the spirit of moments with first loves on the beach.

For professionals that need a simple, different theme to accompany important projects, "Boogie Time Full" is an ideal choice. As indicated by the title of this unique copyright free music piece, its melody is a standard boogie carried out expertly by piano. This mid-tempo tune is very versatile and makes an excellent part of both modern film and television scenes and those set in earlier decades.

Those looking for royalty free music and copyright free music for very specific projects that reminisce about the 1950's will find their needs met with this compilation.

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